image Help mend a heart.


The Mother of New Found Glory front man, Jordan Pundik, Maureen Waters is currently in critical condition and in need of help with financial support in order to get the medical treatment that she so desperately needs.

With authorization from New Found Glory and the band's label, Epitaph Records, I am proud to offer a limited edition print run of six photographs with the hope that the proceeds will help fund Maureen Water's medical treatment. Each of the photos will be a limited run of 50 prints and each will be hand numbered on the back. The photos are from the band's secret hometown show which I shot on October 16th at Solid Sound Studios.

On Friday November 27th, Maureen Waters was rushed to Broward General Medical Center CVICU due to a sudden, unidentified infection which has severely weakened her heart. She is currently in critical condition, with only 10% of her heart working on its own at this time. Doctors have said Maureen is in need of a heart transplant and Jackson Memorial Hospital is the family's best option to have this done. However, due to her Cobra health insurance having run out the family is in need of $500,000 to get her admitted to the hospital at Jackson. Needless to say, we must act quickly to help mend Maureen's heart.

Please help me help Jordan, Edra and Daniel mend their mother's heart. We can all make this happen!

You can be part of making this happen but we must act fast.

Love, Ian Witlen